Simple and secure
site-to-site connectivity

NetBird quickly connects databases, servers, containers, and virtual machines across clouds and on-premises, eliminating the need for complex firewall configurations and site-to-site connectors.
Peer-to-peer encryption and a granular access control layer ensure secure data transfer.

Benefit 1

Multi- and hybrid-cloud networking

NetBird works universally on-premise and in the cloud. You can connect your EC2 instances directly with GCP or office VMs without configuring firewalls or security groups.

Benefit 2

Hassle-free cloud migrations

NetBird facilitates fast and simple cloud migrations by allowing you to connect on-prem databases with cloud workloads directly and without complex configuration when migrating to the cloud or vice-versa.

Benefit 3

Simple network management

Automate your network setup with infrastructure-as-code tools like Ansible or Terraform and NetBird public API. Manage your machines and control access from a centralized cloud panel.

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