Secure access to
cloud and on-premises resources

NetBird enables secure remote access to cloud or on-premises servers, containers, databases, and other internal resources. IT personnel can efficiently manage access from a unified cloud panel,
simplifying network configuration and maintenance

Step 1

Add your team and machines

Your team can install NetBird on macOS, Windows, Linux, or mobile phones and log in with SSO and MFA. Your IT admin can automate NetBird agent installation on servers with Terraform or Ansible

Step 2

Group your team and machines

NetBird lets your IT admin easily create and assign groups to resources and team members using an intuitive cloud panel. NetBird also syncs existing groups from identity providers like Google, Okta, or Microsoft.

Step 3

Define access rules between groups

In just a few clicks, your IT admin can define how different groups of resources access each other. NetBird allows limiting access to specific protocols and ports, with changes taking effect instantly across all platforms.

Try how it feels to use NetBird access control with
our quick interactive demo.

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