business VPN

NetBird replaces legacy business VPNs with a WireGuard®-based peer-to-peer network that automatically connects your servers, containers, and remote teams. It works universally across clouds and on-premises, allowing your team to quickly and securely connect and access internal resources.

Benefit 1

Quick & automated deployment

Run NetBird in less than a minute. Every machine gets a private static IP and a domain name. NetBird agents auto-discover each other and connect directly across complex firewalls, making your network fast, scalable, and reliable.

Benefit 2

Simple site-to-site connectivity

Connect multiple clouds or on-prem sites into one secure network, allowing seamless connectivity and access between resources in VPCs, LANs, and office networks — all of that without security groups and fragile firewall configurations.

Benefit 3

Centralized network management

Control access to sensitive resources, audit activity, manage teams and their machines from a single panel available in the cloud.

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