Secure with NetBird

The Easy-to-Use Successor of Firewall

Easily group your remote teams and infrastructure and create granular access policies between groups to allow or block connections. Works universally in the cloud and on-premises.

Replace your VPN with a modern remote access solution

NetBird enables secure remote access by automatically connecting your resources and applying access policies, while allowing you to manage them intuitively from a single place
NetBird Secure
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Why secure with NetBird?

With granular access controls down to an individual device level and contextual rules like location and time, hardware, and running software, NetBird provides modern security for teams of any size

Granular access control

NetBird allows splitting access to development and production environments, grouping departments or teams in just a few clicks with an intuitive tagging system and rule engine.

Multi-factor authentication

NetBird integrates with popular open-source and commercial identity providers like Google Workspace, Okta, and Azure for single sign-on with MFA.

Peer-to-peer encryption

NetBird connections are peer-to-peer encrypted with WireGuard®. Private keys never leave the machines - only the key owner can decrypt traffic addressed to them.

Periodic re-authentication

NetBird optionally enforces periodic access session expiration for your team members limiting access duration.

Activity logging

Whether a new machine or a user joins the network or an access control policy has been modified, the activity log lets you track what is happening in your network.


Contextual access controls

NetBird understands who, when, and where is trying to access your infrastructure. It allows administrators to create location and time-based policies to limit unwanted access.

Open-source software

NetBird is open-source and allows anyone to examine the software and provide fixes if they discover a vulnerability.


GDPR and ISO-compliant

NetBird is made in Germany, respects your privacy, and takes security seriously. The processes are GDPR-compliant and certified with ISO 27001.

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