Connect with NetBird

Zero-Configuration Private Network

NetBird creates a peer-to-peer overlay network that automatically connects your servers, containers, cloud, and remote teams over an encrypted tunnel. WireGuard®-based.

Legacy VPN vs NetBird

Too much complexity around configuring and managing firewalls, VPN gateways, certificates, NATs, site-to-site connections, ...
NetBird Connect Off

Why connect with NetBird?

NetBird reimagines private networking to remove maintenance burden without sacrificing performance and security.

Quick & easy deployment

NetBird agent automatically configures your machines distributing WireGuard public keys and assigning IPs. It manages DNS, network routes, and your firewall.

Multi-cloud & hybrid-cloud

NetBird works universally on-premise and in the cloud. You can connect your EC2 instances with GCP instances without site-to-site connectors and firewall configurations.

Cross Platform

NetBird runs on Linux, Windows, macOS, mobile phones, docker containers, Raspberry Pi, or even your router.

Top speed with WireGuard®

NetBird uses kernel WireGuard and applies advanced NAT traversal techniques with Berkley Packet Filters (BPF) to establish connections ensuring top performance.

No VPN gateways

NetBird decentralizes network traffic flow with direct peer-to-peer connections as opposed to traditional models with centralized VPN gateways that become a bottleneck.

Scalable by design

The number of machines in the network doesn’t affect scalability and performance, thanks to the direct connections.

DNS management

NetBird automatically assigns a unique domain name to each machine in your network and integrates with your private nameservers.

SSO out of the box

NetBird works with popular open-source and commercial identity providers like Google Workspace or Azure, enabling single sign-on for your team.

Open source & self-hosted

While you can always rely on NetBird Cloud, the platform is distributed under a permissive BSD-3 license and can be self-hosted on your servers.

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