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Zero configuration VPNfor fast-moving teams

Quickly connect your computers, servers, cloud instances, and IoT devices into a secure private network. No configuration required.

Create your private network in minutes, not days

No need to poke holes in your firewall, manage complex rules, or configure VPN servers. It simply works.

Reduce Complexity

Setup your entire network from a central management platform. No need to maintain dozens of pieces anymore.

Increase Security

Introduce a network solution that connects everything with anything based on a multi-directional Zero Trust Network Access solution.

Boost Efficiency

Enable encrypted point-to-point connections between your devices. No need for a central gateway and inefficient routing.

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Direct connectivity without VPN gateways

No Public Gateways

Centralized VPN gateways are visible on the Internet and can attract attacks. With NetBird your network stays hidden from the world.

Quick & easy setup

Run NetBird without changing the network and manual configuration. Connect your machines with just a few clicks.

Seamless network scalability

Dynamically add machines to your network without additional costs for gateways.

Fast and secure

Built on top of WireGuard®

NetBird uses WireGuard - an extremely fast and simple modern VPN tunnel that utilizes state-of-the-art cryptography.

Peer-to-peer connections

Traffic stays private and flows directly between machines, increasing network performance.